💸 Investment News 💸: NOVAMEAT

February 18, 2022

💸 Investment News 💸: NOVAMEAT

Are you considering a (more) plant-based life? Then we can certainly recommend the plant-based meat options from the latest addition to Rubio’s ‘Champions of Change’: NOVAMEAT.

You probably know that the meat industry causes >15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, as well as significant pollution, intensified land use and animal cruelty. While current plant-based meat alternatives replace a part of this industry, there is currently no option on the market that offers the size and texture of animal-based whole cuts, such as steak, pork medallions or chicken breasts.

NOVAMEAT is a young Spanish start-up that has developed a patented technology platform to texturize plant-based proteins into ‘whole cut’ products. Where the current technologies on the market are stuck at small bites or ground beef structures, NOVAMEAT will introduce a new vegan segment. With steaks, medallions and breasts, the company’s new center-of-the-plate heroes will drive the adoption of plant-based diets.

And that’s exactly why we believe that NOVAMEAT is the missing piece in the meat replacement category. Together with his dedicated team, founder Giuseppe Scionti – who has been working as a researcher and assistant professor in the field of tissue engineering for more than a decade – has the skills, technology and vision to develop an alternative that allows carnivores and flexitarians to rely on plants for a much larger part of their animal protein intake.

Ready to find out more about the future of alternative meat? Check out their portfolio page or visit NOVAMEAT’s website.