🚀And it’s out there: Rubio’s Impact Report 2021 🚀

April 21, 2022

🚀And it’s out there: Rubio’s Impact Report 2021 🚀

At Rubio we believe entrepreneurs play a crucial role in building an inclusive and circular economy.

In our annual Impact Report 2021 we are happy to share the impact results of our collective portfolio with you. The report also explains our impact measurement & management (IMM) methodology.

You can also read some deep dives into the impact of our portfolio, like on Sama who chose to validate their impact with a Randomized Control Trial (RCT). A 3 year study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conclusively showed the positive impact Sama has on underserved communities in East Africa.

We hope that the impact achievement of the visionary entrepreneurs in our portfolio will inspire you as they do us. Happy reading!