💸Investment News 💸 Meet E-Magy

April 18, 2023

💸Investment News 💸 Meet E-Magy

To power the shift to electric driving, the world needs better batteries! That’s why we’ve invested in the exciting and innovative Dutch tech company E-magy, as we believe its international team of battery specialists can deliver on its mission to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of clean e-mobility.

Pushing battery innovation forward 

E-magy has invented a high-energy solution for next-generation batteries, supplying nano-porous silicon to automotive and battery manufacturers worldwide. This patented production process emits up to six times less carbon dioxide in production of the material. It will enable the battery of an electric vehicle to be lighter and smaller, reducing weight of the car, reducing energy usage, and reducing emissions associated with the energy production to charge the car. Electron by electron, they are rapidly advancing, pushing battery innovation forward 

E-magy already has a global presence, with customers in Europe, Asia and North America sampling its nano-porous silicon material. We’re excited to support the company’s move from start-up to the production stage together with a dedicated ‘battery’ corporate investment fund  Norsk Hydro and co-investors Invest-NLShift Invest and PDENH.

Casper Peeters, CEO of E-magy: “This investment will help us transition from our current pilot facility to a higher capacity, next-generation production line, ensuring we have the necessary capacity to meet growing market demand for higher energy density batteries. We’ll also be able to grow our engineering team, bringing in more battery scientists and application engineers to support our customers in achieving the best results with our advanced materials.”

Want to find out more about how E-magy is speeding up the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy? Visit their website.