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Rubio’s Impact Report 2022

A diverse, great team

We love to work with a true, eager and bright team! Our team is a mix of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, talented young analysts and others who share our vision for a balanced economy, where people and the planet thrive. The composition of our team reflects diversity, with 50% female and 50% male members hailing from various backgrounds and nationalities, including Turkish, Hungarian, American, and Dutch. Our gender diversity is equally spread across all functions in the organization, resulting in a 50%/50%  Managing Board and a 60%/40% female/male Investment Committee. At Rubio we have a 0% gender pay gap.

Working together to accelerate the impact revolution

We see this report  as a constant work in progress. Going forward, we intend to add even more learnings  to our Impact Report, as we believe we need to continue to gather strong data to prove our progress and strengthen the movement of impact finance.

Next year we have been working 10 years as impact investors, so stay tuned for our 10 year learning report. There is still much work to be done to achieve an inclusive and circular economy but in the meantime we are super proud of what we’ve achieved so far in co-developing  a future for venture capital where impact is no longer just “nice to have”, but a “must have”.

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