The future of sustainable and healthy food

Arborea’s technology uses sunlight to mimic the functioning mechanisms of a real leaf to self-maintain the ideal growth conditions homogeneously at different scales, using the lowest energy inputs. It also – uniquely – sequesters CO2 from most exhaust gasses, even with very low CO2 concentration and at atmospheric pressure. Arborea’s food ingredients and proteins are wholly vegan, Non-GMO, hormone-free and mostly carbon neutral. The unique functioning mechanisms of the BioSolar Leaf impedes contamination to produce the safest and purest ingredients.

For Arborea we track the impact target:

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL), which proves the technology works and is being scaled up to achieve impact. Target growth from TRL 4 to TRL 7 (75%)
  • Environmental footprint in CO2 equivalent emissions / kg of Arborea protein produced (25%)

These targets link to Sustainable Development Goal 15.

Impact Case Arborea

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Global food security is an increasingly pressing problem, driven by population growth and climate change, and exacerbated by slowing crop yield improvements and dwindling availability of new agricultural land. By 2050, traditional agricultural practices will not be sufficient to adequately feed the global population, so the search for new land, water and energy-efficient agricultural technologies is becoming progressively urgent. In this cases study you can read how Arobera spent the last five years researching the best way to grow organic, healthy food ingredients with the lowest environmental impact.