Mentoring children to achieve their full potential ❤️

Cleverly is an online tutoring and mentoring platform designed for children/students aged 6 to 21y. By combining school-related tutoring and personal mentoring through 1:1 online sessions, Cleverly helps students improve their academic performance, develop essential personal skills, and discover their unique talents and potential. Cleverly offers a holistic approach – with the new category mentoring it tackles personal development and paves the way for kids to live a self-determined life.

For Cleverly we track the impact target:

  • Number of tutoring & mentoring sessions conducted through Cleverly; with an emphasis on mentoring (75% weight on impact for # mentoring sessions)

From Q3 2024 we will add an additional Impact target for Cleverly. This target will be tracking the progress children are making in the mentoring domain (self-determination outcomes) through goal setting and mentor assessment.

These targets link to Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 10.

* Investment made in 2023, thus no 2022 data in the graph included.