Clean, electrically powered mobility 🚗

To power the shift to electric driving, the world needs better batteries. The Dutch, innovative deep-tech company E-magy is on a mission to speed up the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. They invented a high-energy solution for next-generation batteries, supplying nano-porous silicon to automotive and battery manufacturers worldwide.The impact of E-Magy’s production process is twofold: the emissions in producing the material are roughly six times lower than graphite and the weight reduction when applied in for instance electric vehicles, also reduces energy usage per km driven. On a total life-cycle-analysis-basis, E-Magy’s product is simply superior.

For E-magy we track the following impact targets:

  • Cumulative Nanoporous Silicon sold / tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided (25%)*
  • Plant technology Readiness level (TRL) # achieved (37,5%)*
  • Material technology Readiness (TRL)#achieved (37,5%)*

These targets links to Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 11.

* Investment made in 2023, thus no 2022 data in the graph included.