Where you are born shouldn’t determine your opportunities in life

Microverse tackles a huge societal problem, as many talented people are unable to explore their full potential due to the circumstances in which they are born. They focus on reaching out to these people and with success: more than 90% of Microverse students come from emerging economies such as Nigeria, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya or India. Microverse offers its students remote, high-quality education in a unique peer-to-peer model and connects them to international jobs, at no upfront cost. This significantly increases their monthly income and future job opportunities.

For Microverse we track the following impact target:

  • The cumulative number of Microverse graduates who found a job with an income above threshold ($1,000 per month) within 6 months after graduation.

This target links to Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Case Study Microverse

Microverse Case Study

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. In this study case of Microverse you can read about Microverse’s mission to connect one million people to remote jobs by 2030, irrespective of their location, gender, or background.