Mosa Meat



Dramatically reducing the impact of meat consumption

Mosa Meat’s mission is to dramatically reduce the massive impact of meat consumption by producing cultivated meat as a true replacement for conventional counterparts.. Cultivated meat is real meat without slaughtering animals, and a dramatically reduced environmental impact with 80-90% less greenhouse gas emissions and 95% less land use. Mosa Meat focuses on beef as it is the meat type with by far the largest environmental impact. Mosa has a non-GMO approach, and, besides the starter cell, does not use any animal ingredients in its process.

For Mosa Meat we track the following impact targets:

  • Kgs of cultured meat produced by Mosa Meat (25%
  • Cost price of producing cultured meat (25%)
  • Regulatory approval of the product (50%)

These targets link to Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 15.