The next breakthrough in cleantech

RIFT’s mission is to decarbonise the energy intensive industries by providing Iron Fuel Technology – a clean technology for district heating, industrial processes and electricity plants. Iron fuel enables companies to produce clean energy in the form of hot water, steam or air. This circular fuel is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Iron powder is used as a medium to store energy, when this is combusted, heat is created and the residual powder, iron-oxide (aka rust), is regenerated into iron fuel which can be used to create heat again (and again and again). RIFT is developing industrial-scale boilers which will directly replace gas-fueled boilers and save thousands of tons of CO2 emissions per year.

For RIFT we track the following impact targets:

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL 5,6,7) achieved (75%)
  • RIFT’s direct + indirect CO2 footprint per MWh of iron fuel energy produced when the technology is at commercial scale (25%)*

These targets link to Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 12.

*Commercial scale is not expected yet, so no reporting on the 2nd impact target