Empowering people to turn their skills into careers!

SkillLab believes that no person should be excluded from opportunity simply because their skills are invisible due to status, race, gender or background. SkillLab aims to provide equal opportunities for all job seekers by uncovering pathways to social and economic participation through partnership-enabled education and employment. The company mainly targets marginalized job seekers, such as refugees, displaced workers and informal workers.

SkillLab’s AI-enabled software solution links a jobseeker’s past experiences (jobs, education, informal experiences) to a taxonomy of skills to create a ‘skill profile’. This skill profile gives the job-seeker insight into their skills and which potential jobs or sectors match with their skillset. The skill profile is also used by career counselors to better match job seekers to vacancies, and in general makes the conversation between career counselors and job seekers more specific, transparent and balanced; and therefore people-empowering.

For SkillLab we track the following impact target:

  • The cumulative number of job seekers who have completed skill profiles with Skillab’s solution (NB. a profile is only completed when a job seekers has either i) 20 skills per experience/period in their life, or ii)) 90 skills in total)*

This target links to Sustainable Development Goal 8.

*The link from output target to outcome is currently anecdotal, the company will conduct research to further validate the link between output and outcome.