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The next generation of green insecticides

Solasta Bio has developed a new class of bio-insecticides that uses peptides (small proteins), that are a natural part of an insect’s metabolism, in high doses to kill the insects. This solution is highly selective: it only kills the target insect and is non-toxic for other (beneficial) insects or vertebrates. Replacing chemical insecticides with Solasta’s peptide-based bio-insecticides will result in a reduction of non-target insect deaths and a reduction in pesticide poisoning in humans. When beneficial insects, such as pollinators, are not harmed by insecticide use, there will be an increase in biodiversity, ecosystem resilience and ecosystem services such as pollination.

For Solasta Bio we track the impact targets:

  • Filed a dossier for regulatory approval in US, EU, LatAm (50%)
  • Proven efficacy and non-toxicity in commercial trial (50%)*

This target links to Sustainable Development Goal 15.

* Investment made in 2023, thus no 2022 data in the graph included. 
* No reporting on this target yet as the trial has not been finalized.

Impact Case Solasta Bio

Solasta Bio

In this impact case of Solasta Bio you can read all about Solasta’s Bio technology that is at the forefront of introducing the next generation of environmentally friendly insecticides.