Accelerate the transition to solar energy

Taylor is a spin-off of the University of Technology Eindhoven, which develops and supplies microelectronics for the solar panel industry. These microelectronics are integrated into the solar panel by the manufacturer leading to less hassle for the end-user. When it comes to the yield there can be a big difference between solar panels, and even between the cells in those panels. Current technologies optimize this at a solar panel level with power optimizers that are installed on your rooftop. Taylor’s cell-level optimization is the next generation of solar panel efficiency. Their technology increases the yield of solar panels significantly (up to 20%) which leads to lower cost price of solar power and more solar power per m2; both essential to speed up the energy transition.

For Taylor we track the following impact target:

  • CO2 emissions avoided per unit sold

Additional target was set for external validation of 20% efficiency gain post-closing. This target was fully reached in 2022 as the efficiency gain was formally validated by a research conducted by TU Delft.

This target links to Sustainable Development Goal 7.