Vytal team



Eliminating disposable packaging waste

Vytal is building the tech platform for the reuse economy. It is replacing single-use packaging at scale by making the use of reusable packaging highly efficient and convenient. Vytal is cost competitive or cheaper than single-use, keeping the service free for end users. Vytal measures the eco-impact for all its partners and creates an ecosystem of supermarkets, restaurants, canteens and corporate partners, helping to achieve the necessary convenience level for consumers to make reusables as easy and convenient as single-use.

For Vytal we track the following impact targets:

  • Cumulative number of single-use packages avoided (75%
  • Average days for a reusable container to return, which determines how often a container is used per year showing the achieved circularity of Vytal’s network (25%)

These targets link to Sustainable Development Goal 12.