Winc Academy


Lifelong learning and jobs for all

There is a huge disconnect between the large number of people that are (at risk of becoming) unemployed and the digital skills that are needed for the future. Winc aims to support (unemployed) job seekers as well as talent that needs to be upskilled within existing jobs via a flexible, low-threshold and low-cost education programs in the Netherlands. With their online school and innovative teaching methods, Winc gives everyone with the required ambition and grit a shot at a future-proof career in tech, regardless of their previous education or work experience.

For Winc Academy we track 2 impact targets:

  • Number of Winc Academy graduates; the cumulative number of students who completed a medium or long digital skills course at Winc (80%)
  • The cumulative number of careers positively influenced by Winc Academy (20%) *

Measured by the number graduates who indicate to Winc that they either: i) find a new job or are promoted within 6 months after graduation, or ii) indicate that Winc positively impacted their career in another way

These targets links to Sustainable Development Goal 4.